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Pick Method to Win the Lottery

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You’ve probably read the stories of certain people winning the lottery multiple times – and not just for a few dollars either. The winnings were substantial, often adding up to thousands of dollars. Ever wonder if there is a method to the madness? Maybe these people have a secret method that most 4D lottery players ignore. Perhaps they have a system the average guy doesn’t use when picking his lottery numbers.

Maybe you think this is all nonsense, but statistically, certain numbers seem to have a higher tendency of being drawn more than others. The proof is in the frequency chart from previous lottery draws. Most all major lotteries record a chart, known as the frequency chart, showing the 4D numbers with the highest frequency of being drawn during a particular time-frame. Though most lottery players ignore this 4D results, you can use it to your advantage.

Here’s how the Frequency Pick Method Works:

  • 1. Decide which lottery you want to increase your odds of winning and look up the frequency chart for that particular lottery. Make sure you’re checking the stats for the lottery in your particular state. Look up as many drawings as possible to make your time-frame as large as possible. This gives you more data to analyze and a much better idea of which numbers are really drawn the most.
  • 2. Select your lottery ticket numbers from the frequency chart. There are a couple different methods that may work in your favor:
  • a. Selecting the most frequently drawn numbers: Many people looking for a way to increase their odds of winning the lottery choose this tactic.  The downside is that you increase your odds of having to share the prize with other winners.
  • b. Selecting the less frequently drawn numbers: Though this tactic may seem counter intuitive, if you win, you will drastically increase your odds of being the sole winner.
  • 3. Though analyzing the frequency charts for the lottery give you an idea of which numbers may be drawn more often, every number has an equal chance of being drawn. Remember, frequency charts are helpful tool for increasing your odds, but they are only a guideline.

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